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Clean & Green Campervanning

New Zealand is renowned for it’s unique landscapes, lush vegetation and unspoilt wildernesses. We moved to New Zealand because of this, and we’re committed to keeping it this way.

In both our home and our business, we try to make sure our actions have as small an impact on the environment as they can.

  • We recycle and compost our waste, sending as little as we can to landfill. Oil, batteries and tyres are taken to the tip to be disposed of in the correct way.
  • We buy environmentally friendly cleaning products and we wash our vans with as little water as we can get away with.
  • We buy food that is in season (so hasn’t been flown half way around the world) and, where possible, has been produced locally.
  • We support other local businesses, so we don’t have to drive as much!

Little changes to our everyday actions can make a big difference in the long run, and we’re continually learning of new ways to save energy and protect the environment.

All the good stuff that you do at home can also be applied to life in a campervan. Our vans come with a Clean & Green campervanning guide which gives you tips on reducing fuel use, reducing and recycling your waste, and protecting the great outdoors whilst you’re visiting this beautiful country.

Carbon Offset


Flying to New Zealand and then renting a vehicle to tour the islands gives your holiday a large carbon footprint, there is no getting away from this fact. In order to help offset our carbon footprint and those of our customers, PiwiWiwi has chosen to donate a tree on behalf of every customer we have.

Rather than signing up to a generic ‘carbon offset’ scheme, PiwiWiwi has chosen to support a local award winning organization – Whaingaroa Harbour Care. Whaingaroa (the Maori name for Raglan) Harbour Care grows and plants native trees along streams and harbour edges within the Whaingaroa catchment, in order to stop sediment runoff from the land and therefore improve the local water quality. The results of their work have been dramatic – cleaner water in local streams has resulted in a cleaner harbour, leading to better fishing, safer swimming and surfing, and improved habitats for marine life and other wild life.

For more information, check out their website at www.harbourcare.co.nz. If you would like to further offset the carbon footprint of your holiday by making a donation to this worthy cause, let us know when you book your van.

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