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Surfing, Campervans, Camping, New Zealand.

These are links to sites on these subjects that we like and / or found useful.

Surf Forecasting

  • surf2surf.com. A few good webcams on this one.
  • marineweather.co.nz. Detailed and pretty accurate.
  • Their summary of New Zealand is pretty nice: “Composed of North and South islands. Ludicrously long uncrowded points, reefs and beach breaks deliver waves year-round from the Roaring 40s as swells pump up from the Antarctic. This variegated, island coastline invariably offers options whatever the wind and swell are doing, with the West coast rarely flat, but can be too big or too windy and the easy coast less consistent but predominantly offshore and lit up by cyclone season swells. Winter being the most consistent period with swell arriving with wind from the south and east. In summer the occasional north-east swell will swing down the pacific. The North Island is warmer but less consistent than the south. Temperatures vary from sub tropical in to chilly accordingly 10-20°C or 50-68°F. The indigenous Maori first surfed here prior to being banned by overzealous missionaries, Duke Kahanamoku then reinvigorated the scene in 1915.”
    MSW New Zealand Summary

  • swellmap.co.nz/. Intuitive integration using Google Maps, a scoring system & graphs. Don’t rely on the score, make sure you check the graphs too!
  • surf.co.nz Lots of information. Watch out though, the webcams are sometimes weeks behind.


These are all local to Raglan, see this post for more detail.

  • Opoutere Beach A lovely campground behind an empty beach (with surf) on the Coromandel.

SUP Lessons

Getting to Raglan

We offer transfers to Raglan (free if you rent a campervan for 30 days or more) but if you want to make your own way here some useful sites are:

We’ll come get you from Hamilton for free however this bus will take you there too:

Shuttle services that will take you most places:

Aotearoa / New Zealand

For those who don’t know, ‘Aotearoa’ is the ‘Te Reo’ name for New Zealand. ‘Te Reo’ is the Maori language. See, you’ve learnt something already :)

Cycling and Mountain Biking

  • Raglan’s Bike Shop run by Dirk, Bike2Bay
  • Whakarewarewa Forest The most famous and apparently best in NZ. We’ve not been there yet so we can’t tell you for sure but it will have to be very good to beat Woodhill.
  • Woodhill Bike Park A fantastic collection of trails just West of Auckland. Sandy ground and so good for wet days. Tame routes through to crazy structures. Mountain bike to your heart’s content :)

Californian Campervan rental companies

Other Travel-related links

I don’t know much about these but we’re sharing links in the hope that we both get more web traffic!

  • iBooked.co.nz An International accommodation listing website.
  • Other Campervan-related links

    Again, I don’t know much about these but we’re sharing links in the hope that we both get more web traffic!

  • ADCO RV Covers Covers for your Camper. Based in the US
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