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Customer Reviews

Reviews, we could put so many here. But if, like me, you don’t trust what companies say about themselves then there would be no point. Instead read reviews from an independent company Rankers:

Reviews from Rankers, NZ’s number 1 independent review website

We strongly suggest you check the reviews out there. Inspired? Let us know here.

Video Reviews

Back in April 2012 managed to get a few customers on camera giving us a review. There’s no way of putting that on Rankers so here they are on YouTube:

Hariet and Richy Took a spin around the East Cape, April 2012

They scored waves, seafood and better sleep than in their own bed..

Lucy and Dougal returned for a second trip, April 2012

They liked it so much the first time around that they had to do it again. This time they packed in their boards and headed over to the Coromandel. Here they are telling us about it:

Jennie and Marissa took a break from studying to kick back with one of our vans, April 2012

Check out our first video review!:

About Rankers

In their own words:
Trusted Rankings
Rankers provides the most trustworthy traveller reviews in the world.
A big call we know, but read our systems below and judge for yourself.

We collect the majority of Rankers’ reviews in person
We meet travellers face-to-face while they are travelling around New Zealand and ask them about their experiences.

As far as we know, we’re the only review company doing this!
This method of review collection is the cleanest we know of. A system that is pure, independent and free of any potential bias.

The long term game
We’ll continue doing this as Rankers grows – it ensures the credibility of the information and the website, keeps our ears on the ground with travellers and acts as a valuable benchmark for online rankings.

Because travellers told us they are looking for this information. And if you’re going to do it, do it properly!

And the web rankings?
Online reviews go through a series of checks and balances to ensure their credibility. Every online review is checked through both manual and automated systems. If we aren’t 100% sure about the credibility of the review, we suspend it.

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