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Why Raglan?


Well, why not? Raglan is a lovely town & a world-renowned surf destination.

Raglan is only 40 minutes from Hamilton airport & less than 2 hours from Auckland airport meaning you can be out on the waves in no time. Whether experienced or aspiring, Raglan is the perfect place to start and end your NZ surf adventure. We can recommend surf schools for lessons on the beach, or if you already know a fin from a flipper point, you in the direction of the many world famous breaks that are within easy reach.

In our experience, the last thing you want to do after a long flight is get in a vehicle and try to negotiate the unfamiliar roads and rules of a new country. Why not take an easy transfer to Raglan (which we can arrange for you), pick up one of our vans and check into one of the local campsites. You can then spend a couple of days getting over your jet lag and getting to know your van in our beautiful and relaxed little piece of paradise.

Why start your adventure picking up your van up from a faceless lot in a dirty part of a big city when you can start out in a friendly town at a chilled-out pace?

To find out a bit about the town, take a look at:


raglan gen

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