Rather than putting money into dubious Carbon Offset schemes which take your money and do something unknown with it, we have initiated  the regeneration of coastal bush and wetland at Ruapuke beach, roughly 40 kilometers from Raglan. We believe this carbon offset scheme is ethical, effective & fantasic!

Mount Karioi Reserve, one of the only places on New Zealand's North Island where native bush goes from sea level to hilltop.

Mount Karioi Reserve, one of the only places on New Zealand’s North Island where native bush goes from sea level to hilltop.

Carbon Offset Project Background

Have you ever been faced with the ‘offset the carbon from my …’ checkbox when booking something? If you’re like me then the answer is almost certainly yes. And if you’re like me you’ll have thought, ‘I wonder where that money goes, I bet it doesn’t go to anything particularly good’. With this in mind we didn’t want to put our carbon offset in the hands of any external corporation or faceless body.

After a lot of thinking, discussing and talking we have a plan we’re proud of. Here’s a little video with my ugly mug in it explaining the rough plan. Don’t worry if its too long, I’ll explain a little below.

PiwiWiwi Niall Explains the Plan

More PiwiWiwi Carbon Offset Information

We’re really excited to be funding this project. We are putting in a significant sum of money. Waikato District & Regional Councils are adding a further 50% of our donation and also technical support. Local nursery and tree planters ‘Landscape Management Services‘ are providing and planting the plants. The Thomson family are providing the land. We will be organising and doing a lot of the mundane work such as transporting the seedlings to the site-not simple in this rugged landscape!


As well as offsetting the Carbon Dioxide from our customers’ adventures this planting will be bringing native habitats back to barren dairy land. We are planting pioneer species and hopefully over a number of years these will grow to be a mature native ecosystem providing a corridor to the Mount Karioi reserve. In time we should have the wonderful sound of native birds as they repopulate the land.

Overgrazed grass on left, healthy NZ bush on right. PiwiWiwi's Carbon Offset project aims to make this change

Overgrazed grass on left, healthy NZ bush on right

Get Involved

The simplest and most fun way to get involved is to book a PiwiWiwi Campervan. The revenue from our business is what’s funding this. If you want to make a donation direct to the project let us know here or during the booking process.

The seeds are being planted now. Around May the seedlings will be planted out on site. We’ll need help getting them there. If you’d like to help with this process then let us know.

What do you think?

We are very excited to be doing this. We believe we’re making the World a better place in a small way and that’s what life should be about. Please let us know what you think of this project, do you agree?