PiwiWiwi 404

Error! New Zealand Surf Campervans not found.

After a bit of an update to this website I enlisted my beta-testers to check all was well. Not long afterwards Mum, umm, the testers responded with several important and embarrassing errors. I think they were not a result of the changes and so must have been online for a while. Nobody told us, they probably just shrugged their shoulders, lowered their opinions of PiwiWiwi Surf Campervans a bit and moved on. To try and convert this apathy into action I present the:

Swiss Cheese Challenge

Swiss Cheese

Find holes, win Cheese

We don’t want a website holier than Swiss Cheese. If you find a broken link we’ll get you NZ$5 worth of Swiss Cheese. Of course there are conditions: 1/ You have to report the error to us accurately enough for us to trace it. 2/ One cheese award per error. You need to be the first to report it. 3/ Fair use and common sense policy applies. If, for example our website gets hacked by cyber-terrorist mice in search of a feast and every page returns an error then no cheese for anyone!

You know the rules, now go hunt the holes!

Good luck, Niall